Book Club




Read one or all of the suggested books in preparation for our monthly online forum scheduled for the
last week of January. You will have an opportunity to share insights and revelations from your readings
as well as receive inspiration from others. You can find or order these books at your local Christian
bookstore or online, E-books and kindle purchases are also available.


Morning and Evening
Charles Spurgeon
$19.99 Hardcover/Prayer Book (
$9.99 (Kindle)
$10.49 Paperback/Devotional (


This book is a precious way to begin your mornings and settle into your evenings.
These meditative prayers compiled by Spurgeon are dated with the
month and day. You can begin again next year with a new spiritual perspective. There is also a
devotional edition by Spurgeon of the same name which blessed my spiritual life
twenty years ago. Both of these books are perennial Christian Classics.


A Collection of Blessings
Helen Steiner Rice
$8.17 Paperback (
$2.10 (Kindle)
$1.99 E-Book (


This book is a treasury of encouragement by the beloved Christian Poet
Helene Steiner Rice. Her poetry is endearing, warm and joyful. You will want to explore her other poetic
works after you have saturated your spirit with this lovingly written book.
Helen Steiner Rice is my favorite Christian Poet.


The Tale of Three Kings
Gene Edwards
Biblical Narrative
$9.99 (Amazon)
$8.99 (E-Book


You may finish this compelling story of King Saul, King David and his son Absalom in one
reading as I did in 2001. This is a comparative work of three royals emphasizing the differences in their
characters and leadership styles when presented with challenging situations. It is an instructional book
for all believers and especially those called to leadership It is perfect for men’s or new minister’s bible
study groups as a companion piece when teaching biblical lessons of the same theme.


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