Become an Angel Investor



As an Angel Investor an individual, business, church or ministry may invest in our venture in good faith
for the expansion of Primrose Publications and Presentations and communities and charities we
support. An investor participates with the understanding that there is no entitlement to profit sharing,
partnership or ownership in Primrose Publications and Presentations or any of its subsidiaries currently
in existence or in the future. An Angel investor is expected to provide an electronic signature on our site
before any currency is transferred in agreement to these terms.


As one of our “Angels” you will receive an annual report and a special gift of gratitude and appreciation
at the end of the fiscal year in December, as well as email updates each quarter reporting the progress
of the business entity. Primrose accepts financial contributions from $100-$1,000000 dollars and your
contribution is tax-deductible.


Gifts of $5,000 and above entitle contributors to become “Ivory Angels” an entitles investors to a
free annual subscription of our magazine. Contributors of $10,000 or above become “Sapphire
Angels” entitled to a free five-year subscription and preferred seating at all Primrose events. With
contributions of $100,000 an investor will become an Emerald Angel and is entitled to a lifetime
subscription of our magazine and free admission to all Primrose workshops, conferences and events
with VIP reserved seating. An investment of $1,000,000 earns an Angel the privilege of becoming a
member of the Primrose Christian Millionaires Club winning an exclusive benefits package. (Details to be


The Ivory, Sapphire and Emerald designations for the various levels of contributions by investors reflect
the beauty and glory Christ who freely gave of his love to mankind.” Referenced in the scriptures below.


“His body is carved with ivory inlaid with sapphires…” Song of Solomon (5:14-15)
“And there was a rainbow around the throne with the appearance of an emerald.” (Revelations 4:3)


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